Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do men want?

Women have major issues with their body type.She does,that one does,you do and I do too!What most of us don't know is that men prefer voluptuous ladies over the skinny ones.They want women they can grab and have their fists full with(not literally).Curvy is sexy!Serena Williams was quoted as saying that she has a huge upper torso and a massive butt and I think she still is absolutely sexy!!The average waist size of a woman from the 50's was 27". Today it is 34". Lets thank Jennifer Lopez almost as famous for her latino curves as her starring roles for making the fuller bottom a must have fashion accessory!

Thin ones who were once fat and now make fun of not-so-thin ones probably still have a lot of self-loathing around being overwieght,even though today they seem to have lost weight.“You can never be too rich or too thin” mentality seems to be spreading like flu!Sighs.

Embrace your body and love what you have.You have to start from the inside if you ever want your body to glow as He intended it to.Quit punishing yourself and quit hating yourself,take full body photos and embrace your beautiful womanly body. I believe that no woman should feel segregated because of her size, even if she’s a super petite size 0 or big girl size. Don’t wait to drop the weight to live life, live it now!

To me this all means that us girls on the bigger end of the size spectrum should still be able to be beautiful,fashionable and self-accepting.Fat and happiness are not opposites – they can and should co-exist. To be bigger than the majority of people we see on the street is nothing to be ashamed of – we are not alone!We must get out there,look sexy and encourage the rest of the plus size girls to join us – I know they exist but sometimes we need that extra bit of inspiration or a little push in the right direction.On-trend fashion has finally seeped through to the plus size market, let’s prove to the rest of the world that we are no different, we shouldn’t be forced into hiding or feel ashamed of ourselves.We are as beautiful as the next person – we need to remember that no one,I mean NO ONE has the right to tell us any different.

This one is for all the not-so-thin-ones..Go out there,scream with delight,buy sexy outfits,go to a spa,get all dressed and let the entire world know that there isn't anyone half as sexy as you are!!Love your body,celebrate your body and remember that you only get one body!Treat it right and don’t forget to wear cute shoes!:)

That's the very sexy Glamazons for you on America's got talent.

An Interview with size 16 Miss UK finalist.

Beautiful non-toothpick celebrities.


kittu_keerthi said...

hey that's a great post...!! u actually pointed out things that we(boys) generally miss out....

Shreya. said...

I'm glad that a member of the opposite sex is in favor!

Aman Rayjada said...

first, thanks for following my page
second,know what? fat is gooooood :D

Shreya. said...

And cute too!No?

Aman Rayjada said...

oh yas!

they do look cute while they are lazying around and stuff.AND they aren't really blamed for it. Being lazy that is.

Damn! Next thing I see the world crying out-

"i've never been fat alll my life"

Ps- do i need to go anonymous to post my comments?:P

Shreya. said...




Anonymous said...

Shreya I gt an intrstin ques to ask.......! Seein u wanna ask wid wat reference u wrote dis blog I mean I don't think u have xperienced how it is being fat?How u could understand Dere emoz?


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