Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Iss Desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta"!!

Nothing is right. Not the roads. There are pot holes here and there and when it rains, it’s a menace. Not the public transport. They are badly maintained, more often than not causing accidents. Not the so called “administration”. Our ‘netaas’, they suck big time! They have the money to erect statues of themselves on grounds of being THE Dalit leader spending crores of public money but haven’t a pence to enhance the education for common mass or anything in relation to the public. Low literacy levels! Police has become synonymous to rapists and murderers who back people like Rathore up and target unaided poor women. False encounters.

Municipal Corporation supposed to be taking care of disposal of waste is sitting hands on hands with mountains of garbage being erected in the middle of the capital city (feast to Vultures or better still THE Ecological balance?). Hospitals; people are left to die in general wards with Dengue and the likes on a rise. Even Jails like the Tihar, the highly convicted inmates there have an access to anything ranging from a tiny pin to cell phones to arms. The 26/11 attack. The 'compensation' the martyrs were paid. It saddens me is all I can say. Not much tracing was done or anything to prevent further attacks. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The main Culprit was let off and others were penalised the least they could be for thousands of lives lost and that too 25 years after the World's Biggest Tragedy. Sheer mockery of Justice.  Where, oh where the moral responsibility of the people concerned has sunk? Looks like the country sold its soul, to whom and for what, I know not..

All them people do is talk about it and say this at least once “iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”! I am not here to do the same, just to make aware of how badly the situation’s gone out of hands! We need to do something, you and I but what?”How can an individual help bring about any change?”I know I know but don’t you think instead of complaining about “The System”, we should at least do whatever it is that’s in our hands i.e. work assigned to us at personal levels? If not anything else, it’ll at least awaken a few people’s dead conscience forcing them to work earnestly.
Nothing good comes out of blaming the System. Be a part of it if you have the balls and bring the change about. Some do too but it’s not enough, not yet. We need more such people with high conscience/Morals to help build a nation every individual can be proud to call his own.

Finally this one’s for the crazy-rebellious-odd ones out-transgressors-troublemakers-rule breakers-trend setters, the ones not afraid to share their side of the story or to tell you you're wrong when you really are, fight for what is right irrespective of who’s with them and who’s not! You respect them, tag them, quote them, judge them, laugh at them but don't ignore them. You cannot for they are the change in us. They might be tagged whacko but we see the genius…"Because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."


  1. i agree with all your views in the article but just have one question for you :-
    if you see your father or friend or anybody for that matter bribing somebody do you have that much courage to go up to that person and say "you are wrong. you should follow the rules" ???
    I am no way challenging you or is against what you are writing but i m just trying to say that when it comes to practical life every rule every moral seems wrong and conscience, well who cares about that.

  2. Very to-the- point and immaculate stuff!
    but point to be noted is that, the title- ISS DESH KA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA! sounds quite negative!
    'coz i understand ur actually asking ppl to bring on the change rather than sitting and cribbing about the situation!
    quite good work overall! :)

  3. For Anonymous number 1:
    1.My father is a man of principles so I can never think of him trying to bribe but if that happens someday,I can bet my life on it that it'd be for something positive which otherwise can not be handled but in case it's not,I'd tell him he's wrong because I am someone with a huge conscience but that's all that I'd do.He's my father and hence it wouldn't be right on my part to do more than just try to make him see why he's wrong.

    2.If it's some friend of mine,I'd go out of my way to make sure he does what is right.

    3.If the so called "practical life" is about caring not one bit about the inner voice or the conscience then I'd rather live in a virtual world because this one then would seem no more than inhuman to me.

  4. For Anonymous number 2:
    The title,I forgot to put it in quotes but now that I have,I am sure it's pretty much apt for that's what people have at the tip of their tongue all the time making not the slightest effort to do either more or less and hence the post.

  5. hats off authoress !!
    i am sorry if you felt offended by my question its just that i haven't met people like you before.
    i respect your conscience consciousness and your firmness about your own views.....

    by anonymous no.1

  6. Highly obliged.
    Not offended one bit.

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