Friday, September 10, 2010

Stop pleasing,Start Living!

I had a friend in Grade ten who asked me once how she could muster a bit of confidence up. She told me  she had to speak tiny sentences like "Ma'am, may I go to the washroom" ten times in her mind before she could go up to the teacher and actually ask her. You make mistakes and you learn, don’t you? Now, I have a friend who's fairly good at English but is too scared to talk in it in front of people because of the fear of being made fun of. She's too afraid to be embarrassed or to face the world for that matter, if I may have the audacity to put it that way.

Speaking of other people, they more often than not are scared to put forth their opinion wanting to be politically correct/not to offend anyone/please everyone.(Hah!The irony!)

In actuality they are just scared to face the world as they are. Why do you need to do it? Why can’t you portray yourself as an individual entity to the world? Why does it require so much of thinking/courage? Why can’t we stop pleasing others and be what we are and thus live life because that’s what life is. Isn’t it? It’s about being yourself and not being ashamed of who you are and not changing for the sake of others. It’s too short to keep pleasing,arse-licking or be yes-mans or to laugh at jokes you don’t find funny or to compliment them asses when you’d one day want to have balls to puke on their faces or to not wear something you’re dying to just because others find it “not in” or to not make a particular comment on facebook because you’re afraid to be Grammatically incorrect or to not wear shorts because of a few stretch marks or to pretend to like something/someone you don’t or to be scared to make mistakes or simply just to be yourself.

Remember life’s once and it beautiful no matter how much pain it might inflict upon you…As I always say "We laugh.We cry.We pry.We make fun.We go quiet.We whine.We shine.We crib.We pray.We dance.We love.We brag.We hate.We bitch.We fight...and still it indeed is a beautiful life..



Anonymous said... indeed is a beautiful life!!
I myself am a very conscious person.I love me and I'm never incorrect according to me,but when i see someone staring at me or some tells me that I dont look good or my statement was incorrect,i start thinking and hence,hate being in crowds.
But yes,i have succeeded to be more confident and realized the difference it makes and trust me people you'd start appreciating yourself and your life a whole lot more.

Shreya. said...

I like the comment!!:)

subarna said...

ya its sure izz short n d way u want 2 n nt to follow others nt b left behind n made fun of...

live klife on ur own terms....

subarna said...
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