Friday, June 12, 2009

I wish I could tell you.

Without you I wouldn’t but be quivering without rhythm in the vastness of this world You are my sphere, with you all life in rhythmic fragments move within me in fascinating swirl. ! Only once have I been made mute. ’Twas when a man asked me “who are you?” Without you I cease to exist, had a birth when the soul craved for you One cant reach the dawn save by the path of night’s lane Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is the cause of my pain You drink wine that you may be intoxicated I, so it may sober me and make past seem faded When my goblet’s empty I resign myself to the emptiness When it’s half empty, I resign myself to its half fullness…’tis my story mo’ or less Half of what I say is meaningless But I say it still so the other half might reach you and raise tempests Loneliness was born when people praised my talkative complaints blaming my silent sacrificing virtues When life doesn’t find a singer, she produces a philosopher to speak her mind, to let her emotions loose. The wave of agonizing-affectionate world for you would forever be upon me, their depths in spite being silent, always blessings impart How noble is my sad heart, it still sings joyous songs with joyous hearts If I were to choose between the power of possessing you and the ecstasy of the love you never showed, I would choose the ecstasy Its better life for one in love madly But you know I choose badly ”Love is the wisdom that enchants the mind Wisdom is the love that sings when the heart resigns” Even the most winged soul can’t escape physical necessity I m but a mortal, envelope me, take me to divinity. My one half is sorry for myself that I fell for you But my other half grows on sorrows so all’s well in course due My affection for you roamed the infinite sky, soared in the ideal world, floated through the firmament But here it is again even when it can’t be measured …the prisoner of measurement You cant judge me beyond your knowledge of me.. You judged me wrong.. .How lil’ have you known me Heart spoke softly but with smoldering thunder “stand n bow”. And I did I was being sold for a price, you made the highest bid Every seed is a form of longing The seeds of love you sowed within me still awaits watering I long for one last touch of yours One last good night kiss if not more… Sour ending. Is it? But I cant write more, fingers developing cysts Upon reading my obituary tomorrow, will candles be lit? I guess naught in the middle of midst..


Roopali Varshney said...




Although I doubt the cyst part! Haha! XD

|S-am| said...



Thank you thank you!

*twirls on a toe and bats eyelids~


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