Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mutilated dreams...

I dreamt of you printing smooth kisses of feathery grasp on my face Like a humble violet that gently sips morning’s dew long all days I wish u would accept me like you were the star and I was your light Wish I knew that you’re like the blue across who creates clouds only to see them perish upon the break of the twilight Red water trickled down unto my soul And then pitch black night like burning coal Don’t be baffled, I will only just be a memory My breaking down turning to ashes just be the beginning savory World still kept on moving as the crimson sun wept at a side Not a single ray left behind to nurse the heart Pendulum of life swaying faster and faster anxiously seeking the end of the night Buttercups would open, shed a few tears and close again as the soul would depart Shrinking moon’s sorry for me whilst wouldn’t care to look out the curtains of her mist Clutching the pillow, hugging it tight…trying hard to forget everything alright I cry myself to sleep in the loneliness of the never-ending night At dawn when the hill kisses the morning showers, the lawn of my life still blesses with mourning flowers I don’t quiver at the sound of the tempest refusing to surrender or look at the sun with unblinking eyes and capture the blazing fire with outstretched hands…. not that strong. am scared to face the world without u..this be where I lack You couldn’t return what I gave you so am down on my knees begging you to at least give me my life back my feeling that way for you without so much as expecting anything in return…my feelings my biggest enemy I am ready to forget those days and nights even when what you did has terribly wounded me Many a times I say what I don’t intend to Your naught acknowledging my feelings make me so blue Teach me to live. Will you? All the time I am talking of you. Do u still get no clue? You needn’t, for am used to it all. I will choose to move on and pray to never experience any love till I breathe my last Too broken, too hurt to take it any more but I still will hope u might never experience a downfall Even when I know that Faith is something I will never have and trust something which I wouldn’t ever dream of I will only end by saying “thank you” for making me realize my worth, that I am something to be played with I will forget it all….but they say ‘you first loves ’s your last’…please tell me its all a myth….

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