Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Consuming every inch of me
The waves mighty engulf me
Waves of passion unseen
Of a longing unheard of,of the ache felt within.
Suddenly the nonchalance of mind turns to mist amidst the guzzling sound of the waves
Mind parts with the heart,both undergoing separate aches
The inquisitive and once an imperious self becomes now a parody of someone else Each foreign touch arousing goose pimples,the mellowed heart fails
Now afraid to lose control. Ironical after having dwelt in emotions where losing control prevails
It might not ever happen again,the dizzying heaviness of the sensual night now synonymous to random acts of violence
The kaleidoscope of colors that once inhabited my soul given way to a deathly thunderous silence
Perhaps parting is a sweet sorrow
Former for making the void predominant and latter for I shall see no morrow..


meswamy said...

aah nice rhyme !!!!
keep it coming

|S-am| said...

Thank you.
*bows elegantly~

Jus For Sam... said...

Cling Onto Stars....

Hold Onto Moons.....

All d best

|S-am|. said...

What's with 'Jus 4 Sam'?


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