Monday, July 20, 2009

How empowered?

Had it not been for shame God would’ve never discovered that Adam and Eve had eaten from the forbidden tree of Knowledge and looks like this is what the rapists today are employing in the heinous lives that they lead thinking that they’ll never be nailed down. Girls as young as 3 years old are being targeted by the Rapists, gang-raped and then mercilessly killed. They are not just fearless but proud of their horrendous doings. What else could justify the three prime accused in the Surat Gang-Rape making the MMS clips while victimizing innocent girls and selling them off? Nothing is being done about it for the cops themselves have many-a-times been accused of gang-raping women. What can be expected of such an ill-administered Country where the laws are crushed shamelessly by the rich sons of bastards, where the people employed to enforce rules are themselves driven by lust and even if they are not, they can be easily brought to the rapist’s favor with Money-power! In India, money talks. In this scenario, we cannot really blame most of the victims who do not come out and report about the wrong being done to them, for they know that nothing will happen about it. Either she will be silenced or the court will support the rapist or the alibi will be bought or the evidence destroyed or the case will simply not get a hearing. No body comes to the victim’s rescue. She is treated like an outcaste. People would rather stay away from her. She suffers from social stigma. All her dreams of ever marrying a decent man are shattered. Her own people disown her at times; for some, Marriage proposals aren’t ever on the cards and for others suicide seems the only way out to end their as well as their family’s ordeal even as the culprits walk free amongst us without us realizing who the next target might be. Whether women walk on the streets with or without a male companion, they are more often than not passed comments on, stalked, checked out disgustingly by eve-teasers and there’s absolutely nothing being done about their security. Its becoming more and more difficult for the fairer sex to lead an independent, un-aided, fearless life with the crime rates against women sky-rocketing. Its a shame that we have to constantly live under fear, be always accompanied by a male companion, maintain a low-profile while walking on the streets by not wearing whatever we want to else we be the next on their ‘hit-list’. Why is it that we still feel unsafe even in crowded public places like Malls and Pubs? Do we not have an equal right as men to walk about unconstrained? Why are women being beaten up and molested upon going to Pubs with their friends? Why is everyone’s thinking still orthodox and backwards when it comes to women? Why are we treated like child-producing-good-for-nothing-whores? Why do we still not get an equal opportunity to show men where we stand? I myself am horrified at the thought of stepping out of the house alone after late evening. Women still are un-liberated. Even the vegetable sellers these days have the audacity to touch a lady’s hand while handing her the cash back. We are required to prove ourselves twice as much as our male counterparts and even then we undergo discrimination. The moment we stir out of the house, we’re considered public property and ogled at. As a girl who’s continuously being asked by her parents to carry a pepper spray as a ‘feel good factor’, I got just one question to raise, how empowered are we?

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