Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mea Culpa

Loss of a breath couldn’t have kept us apart,
The fading sensation did do us part.
The crackling fire died down,
The morbid knighted color replaced the wedding gown.
Frozen memories unveiled the masked nakedness,
Being a touch close yet years away intensifying the madness.
The luring power of the dazzling sheath of lies,
The untamed wild mystery in those eyes.
Prophecies of our melancholy bells tingling together like the-forever goblets of wine,
Promises that there wouldn’t never be valleys between your heart and mine.
Did give birth to the feral longing, disrupting the calm,
Of the hands waiting to be clasped with yours and for your body to fill my arm.
Like the tinge of the surreal dream upon the half-asleep eye,
World offered obeisance to the unknown and there was I.
The perpetual state of war that the heart always is in with the mind,
The fragrance of you I carry within me, the yearning conspicuous even to the blind.
Through the serendipitous solicitousness many a breaths I did regain,
Thirst for me just once more and I am ready to die again.
The velvety softness of the star studded sky,
Now renders me incomplete, the lonesome figure bit by bit did die.
The breeze, it filled every strand with a life of its own,
The feeling of you be running your hand through them feels naught-so-known.
Now shackled by prejudices, armed with aloofness,
The carnival of black confetti seizes the moment, silence reeks of viciousness.
Thinking lacks coherence,
the soul ambers its way to dimness,
And yet the flash of lightening gives the illusion of no-darkness...

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