Sunday, July 19, 2009

On TRP hogging shows where you go sell your dignity.

Reality shows like ‘Bindaas Dadagiri’ and ‘MTV Roadies’ is what I am referring to in here, I be debunking the myth. These shows are very popular among the juvenile populace not because they are ‘kewl’ but because the peoples are blinded by an unexplainable fetish for fame and money which is sickening to the hilt. The craving for fame is not what I am against as a matter of fact, but the way its being arrived at. Through shows like these. Contestants bare their hearts out there claiming that they want to gain ‘respect’. Who do they think they are fooling? The public? The losers who think that by taking part in such meretricious shows and doing 'tasks' that they are asked to do, they’ll gain ‘respect’, then I am very Sorry to say that its not how things work. Your physical strength is no way even close to the amount of enormous power you possess within, the tremendous amount of knowledge you can gain with the help of an inexhaustible learning capacity and the gift of your creative and imaginative brain with which you can transform the World! By going to such shows, all that happens is you’re patronized. By the producers/anchors and fellow contestants. It makes me feel how those people have not even an iota of self-respect in themselves, how they have no dignity left and how badly clouded have their visions become by running in the rat-race seeking fame and glory. I have strong contempt for such spineless weaklings who want the easy way out, can’t put forth their aptitudes and competency levels in their real lives, resorting to such fucked up ways. There’s also a camera shoved up your backside 24/7 throughout your stay on the sets of the show, giving the World an unnecessary account of even the fact that you wear a padded bra. Now tell me, do you see sense in that? Do you think you’re being ‘brave’ by exposing such things on National television? That people will think you’re cool because you’ve the audacity to accept the truth without even a tinge of shame on your face? That people will think its right to talk nonsensical shit about someone’s breast size, disgrace them while defending yourself, masquerading as a condescending bully? If you’re one of those thick-headed wannabes then get a bloody hold on yourself! You cannot go up by crushing others and shamelessly stepping over them! This way you might be illusioned by the fallacy that you’ve earned ‘respect’ but the fact will remain that you’ve incidentally lost much more of it. Your compromising on your self-respect will take you nowhere. If you can’t respect yourself and let people talk shit to you because you couldn’t give your ‘100%’ , then no one else ever will respect you. You might get momentary recognition for being on the Television but people will soon forget you leaving you feel traumatized at the kind of behavior meted out to you in front of millions of people. Such kind of fame is like an evanescent bubble, you blink once and pop they vanish into oblivion. On the other hand, your becoming a business tycoon or doing the World any good will forever etch your initials in people’s minds and bring you laurels in the form of lifetime recognition. The pick is left unto you.

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