Sunday, June 20, 2010

I wonder what it feels like...

when the hymen breaks and the spotless sheet ambers it way to red.
when someone's inside of you.
when you have a tiny shadow of him and you throwing tantrums but not before you first hold him up close in your hands extolling the features.
when you first meet that someone you'd want to go through the travails of child-birth for.
when you let him bite at you hungrily,when you let him hold you gently,when you let him run your fingers through your hair.
when he looks at you with dark-indelible sexual impertinence in his eyes.
when he draws out the curtains of shame that night and you're no more embarrassed of your naked self.
when you tell him he's going to be a father.
when you're going to be a mother.
when you feel the slumberous heat rising in your chest,the illicit shiver running down the spine,the stomach wobbling with trepidation.
when the protracted silence makes you want to kill.
when you want him but upon him telling you that,fix him with a defiant gaze.
when one touch inflicts the most irreparable damage.
when he tells you that you're everything he'd imagined.
when he swings you up into his arms.
when you want to feel his bare skin against your own.
when you shudder with a unknown desire as he paints kisses to your closed eyes.
when you arch your back and press yourself against him,doing little to hide the provocation.
when you're barely aware of him stripping your denims away.
and when forever doesn't seem long enough to hold him captive inside the warmth of you..


K. M. P. Master said...

Let me're a virgin?

Shreya. said...

Do I have the right to not answer owing to the absolute impertinence I'm being subjected to?

Atul Kumar Mishra said...

I loved it Shreya, Very well written...Sex is a difficult subject to write...A wrong word might transform it to a vulgar account...Claps..Way2Go :)

Anonymous said...

"...when forever doesn't seem long enough..."
I'd just second what Atul said!!

Shreya. said...

Might be difficult but intimacy is inviting to write and engrossing to read about when framed well.


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