Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life as he sees it..

As the interminable day came to an abrupt halt,I staggered out the working place,exhausted and started to brood on about how I'd get back home!A rickshaw came to my rescue,the manually driven one!I stared in amazement as I noticed who my rescuer was!A twelve year old boy!I asked him why did he have to do that and on he went baring his heart to me.He told me he had to work because his family in the village had no other source of income with which to meet both ends.He earns around a hundred and thirty bucks daily,out of which seventy straight-away goes to the Rickshaw's original proprietor.He told me how he's fed to his memory the names of all the major buildings in my area because without that prerequisite no one obliges him!He asked me if I'd do him a favor.I shrugged not knowing what to expect.With wistful eyes gazing up at me,he asked me if I could tell him the new building's name.He couldn't read..I did,not making an effort to conceal the poignancy and he was much too glad at the unexpected act of munificence.When you're bothered,with the pressures of the world more debilitating than ever driving you to cantankerousness,lending an ear to someone more bogged down and yet going on makes all your impediments fade into oblivion..


Indian Psycho said...

Interesting post! ... Each and every person or thing around has a story to tell, a tragic life to unveil, except for the elite men and women who feel the rest of world is utter disgust.

Shreya. said...

But they learn,don't they?These so called elite men and women?
They come to despise themselves later for ever having felt that way!It's just a matter of time before they realize the worth of every tiny thing around.

Indian Psycho said...

It obviously comes to them usually after loss to self...!

Everyone learns, of course, however slow.

And I'm not against any, cause each person, however slow progress he may be making, is capable enough!!

Shreya. said...

Yeah.I'm not too sure about the last one though.

Indian Psycho said...

I take it as mock at me! :P About the last one! Last line! :|

Shreya. said...

To each,his own.


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