Wednesday, June 16, 2010

..and the sky didn't fall down.. some corner of the world somebody is thinking of you.Yeah,right at this moment.This someone paints your picture with effulgent colors,the feel so vivid yet so fragile.One careless touch and it's no more to be.Someone's thinking of the way you twitch at the slightest of hurt,they way the smile-to-be is reflected so strongly in your dark eyes that it paints the world the same color,how you throw back your head in absolute anger-the otherwise ache-arousing countenance grave-looking and then how you let go lowering your eyes,silently asking him to promise it'd never happen again..These trivial thoughts are saving a whole world somewhere right now.Someone is trying to reach out to you and you're stretching a hand out without so much as realizing.You saved a world and the sky didn't fall down..

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