Saturday, June 12, 2010

Main bhi kitni stupid hoti thi!

I was a bloated up kid(at least more than I am now!) and I used to think that wearing a tighter pair of denims and sucking my stomach in would make me curtail my corpulence and the general physical dilapidation!I believed that adding more number of people up on social networking sites might increase my popularity level,which wasn't to be.I thought being the C.R. of the class might make people behave obsequiously and hardly short of fawning.(I was wrong again).And that faux pas like having said "passed away" instead of "went past" and things like not being invited to a particular social gathering would leave me embittered forever.Not having a lot of friends to grab a Mc Veggie and watch a movie with would more often than not cause me privation and despair.If not devastated,I clearly was despondent!I remember how I used to tag myself a Pariah kid upon not being a slave to western music.Unnecessary waxing and short skirts became a few baffling aberrations in my taste which was to help me look like one of those hoity-toity bitches I so loathed,but I gradually grew to like their same eclectic deplorable taste,my dignity shambling,the individuality lost somewhere between the penumbral shadows of the somber edifices constructed innately by us namely originality and identity crisis!Didn't know that ten years from then,it wouldn't matter how many guys asked me out or how many boring parties I got an invitation to.Now I know better!If a man isn't faithful to his own identity,he can't be loyal to anything but I reckon certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality.Remember bobbed hair makes woman look uniform.They lack individuality!Stay the way you are.No one's worth changing for!


Anonymous said...

The wise understand themselves,the stupid follow!:D
I wonder when people would understand individuality is a necessity and accepting changes is a part of it!
i also hope people started accepting themselves for the way they were and stopped following the society!I hope!
"No one's worth changing for."
I love that line!Big fan!:D

shreya said...

It's not easy to change something etched so deeply within everyone.The article was an attempt at that,intended to make people relate to it,hoping they'd see that they weren't the only ones wrong!

Indian Psycho said...

The best thing about imperfectionists is, they're loyal about it...

It's just part of the process, each day you grow up in head, and realize how stupid yesterday could ever be! (P.S : adjust the timeline for yesterday to wherever you wish to set it)

Shreya. said...

I don't much like the way I was as a kid but until recently I just wanted it to be lost somewhere,the old me,not any more.I've realized it was a part of the growing me and here I'm talking about it because I know no one was born the way they are today!Everyone committed bloomers,big ones and there isn't anything wrong about it.

Indian Psycho said...

:) its the "butterfly effect"...even if we go back in past, edit and change, it'll lead us to something we wouldn't even expect, or worst case, want!!
P.S : when people were born, they all did shit in their pants, something not embarrassing cause everyone did!! So i agree with the last point! :D

Shreya. said...

You always have something to say!

Indian Psycho said...

60k over! :)


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